Meter CT Sections (equipped with lugs in customer section for wiring to separate disconnect)

One enclosure housing the utility meter and CT's, with termination points in place of disconnects

Meter Main Sections (equipped with class T fusible pullouts or circuit breakers)

One enclosure housing the utility meter, CT's and customer disconnects

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We manufacture 400-800A wall mount service entrance sections with a wide array of disconnect options, with orders filled in a fraction of the time compared to other manufacturers. Our meter sections can accommodate up to (6) disconnects, with sizes ranging from 30 amps up to 400 amps per pullout, in 120/208, 120/240, and 480/277 voltages. Simply specify what size and how many disconnects you need when requesting a quote. We will provide all fuses with our meter sections (when applicable), so there's no need to factor in the added cost of fuses when purchasing an SES through JMT. We also manufacture our meter sections with circuit breakers installed in place of fused disconnects, and can use any major brand of breaker to meet jobsite requirements.

For applications requiring a separate fused disconnect (such as a disconnect with class J fuses), we also offer our meter sections without any pullouts in the customer section. Lugs come factory installed for quick and easy terminations.

Please contact us today to request a quote through your preferred electrical distributor!